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Muay Thai Prayers

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Muay Thai Prayers
Muay Thai: how do you pronouce the bow/pray gesture custom and what’s it called? ?

you know that gesture, it’s kind of like the prayer where you put your hands together and bow with your hands in front of your head. you do it to say hi and bye and thank your teacher and partner after training. saudi-cup? s-wow-dee-cu? s-wow-dee-cup? What’s it called? Do you know the correct spelling of the word? how do you pronounce it?

sawatdee krahp
its a general greeting in thai
wat dee is just an informal “hi” i believe
and khrap is what a male says to be formal and respectful if i remember correctly..

there is no “real” way to spell it in english because they have a completely dif alphabet, so generally what u see will be different variations, but its kind of a pronounciation key

EDIT: and i think kohp kuhn khrap is thank you, chohk dee is good luck, mai behn rai is you’re welcome, sa-bai dee mai is how are you… the hard thing about thai is getting all of the tones right.

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